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Adult Brain Training that Works

 What could you do with a sharper brain?

Adults who regularly train with BrainHQ often see tremendous benefits in their lives. People using BrainHQ have reported the training helped them in various ways including: improved their tennis, they hear better in crowded places, their creativity has been revived, they found it easier to get a job, and their confidence about the future increased.

29 effective brain training exercises

BrainHQ's exercises work out your attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation, and intelligence.

There are hundreds of levels of exercises. Each automatically adapts to your skill level so that you're always training at your "threshold"—the right level for your brain to make real improvements.

Training that fits you

Getting started with BrainHQ is easy.

All you need to do is sign up. Then, if you want, you can design your own training. Or you can sit back and let us select the best brain exercises for you.

Plus, you can train for as little or as much as you want at a time—from just a few minutes up.

BrainHQ works on most modern devices with up to date browsers or via an app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Proven by Science

BrainHQ is a brain-training system built and tested by an international team of top neuroscientists and other brain experts. Unlike other brain-training programs, BrainHQ is proven to work—dozens of published papers (and counting) show real benefits from using exercises in BrainHQ. This research shows cognitive benefits (such as better memory and faster processing) as well as real-life benefits (such as safer driving and better hearing in noisy places).

No other adult brain training program has this level of proof.