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The Social Express

Improving Social and Emotional Skills with The Social Express Program

The Social Express Program is a fun, easy-to-use engaging online program for children with social learning challenges. Each Webisode lesson addresses important social-emotional skills students need to successfully navigate our social world. The Social Express Program teaches children how to think about and manage social situations to help them develop meaningful social relationships and succeed in life.

May be used on your computer or via an iPad app.

How Students Benefit

The Social Express Program provides a safe, controlled and familiar learning environment. Students have the opportunity to become more socially competent by learning and practicing successful social interactions. Potential benefits include the ability to:

  • Identify feelings in others
  • Understand the importance of “eye contact”
  • Read non-verbal social cues
  • Identify appropriate coping strategies
  • Learn how to start conversations
  • Learn how to be part of a group