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Ready, Set, Go 2 month Subscription

Ready, Set, Go 2 month Subscription


PLEASE NOTE: This product is available for purchase in Australia, New Zealand & Oceania only.

School - Ready, Set, Go Subscription - 2 months, comprises 2 neuroscience-based programs - Fast ForWord123 Reading Readiness and Kiko's Thinking Time, plus the Social Skills program, The Social Express.

Reading Readiness uses exclusive patented technology to help young children develop critical language and cognitive skills to prepare them for early learning. It is designed for early literacy development, helping students who are having trouble moving from the spoken word to the written word. 

Kiko's Thinking Time is a tablet-based app that trains cognitive skills necessary for school readiness including executive functions, with a focus on memory, attention and reasoning.

The Social Express is an online program that helps develop important social-emotional skills. This will assist your child to more easily navigate the social and emotional challenges in their first year at school. 

After your child participates in the School – Ready, Set, Go programs, you will likely notice improvements in some of these skills:


  •  Improved attention
  •  Stronger working memory
  •  Ability to recognise patterns
  •  Colour, shape and size identification
  •  Visual-spatial memory 

  •  Improved sequencing ability

Motor (physical)

  •   Better eye-hand coordination


  •  Better listening
  •  More ability to follow spoken instructions
  •  Able to take part in conversations
  •  Better self-control

Language & reading

  •  Stronger auditory processing
  •  Letter-name association for lowercase and uppercase letters
  •  A more competent English language brain (helps learn English for speakers of other languages)
  • Phonological awareness - understanding that words are made up of smaller parts
  • Phonemic awareness – the ability to notice and work with speech sounds in words

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