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The Growing Socially Successful Students Program

The Growing Socially Successful Students Program


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Promote Pro-Social Behaviour & Reduce Bullying in Your School

It is a wonderful tool for early childhood levels.  It can be adapted for both special and general education students in one on one settings, small groups, and whole classroom.” School Counsellor

Provides a school-bounded, safe social media platform, the "Club House", assigned to your school for your students to learn and practice respectful social media interaction.

All content, lesson plans, teacher PD, and reporting mechanisms ready to access.

Allows a teacher to add her/his professional expertise to the program content.

Select from over 100 research-based, pre-prepared multi-media lessons for students who need help to:

  • Use pro-social behaviour more often
  • Identify others’ feelings
  • Read non-verbal social cues
  • Start conversations & stay on topic
  • Use figurative language (idioms) in conversation
  • Become part of a group
  • Understand the hidden rules in social situations
  • Sequence situations and predict what will come next
  • Monitor when others are using appropriate social behaviours
  • Use “eye contact” to figure out what to say or do in social situations

Easy to implement

Provides students a safe option to report bullying incidents anonymously

Can be scaled for a holistic, whole-school approach 

Content allows students to develop social and emotional competencies

  • Support and professional development to teachers and other school staff
  • Systematic implementation and evaluation of approaches, strategies and programs

A school license for 2019 (allows up to 50 logins) $945 + GST. More logins can be purchased later.

Buy in Term 1, 2019 and get FREE ONLINE PD COURSE for up to 20 teachers (saving up to $1,100)